Sjaak VerwaaijenIn 2014 Sjaak Verwaaijen, Fontys stated: "In the past years, two important things have changed within the VR-technology. It has become cheaper and the technology has matured. This causes Virtual Reality to enter a new phase. It is predicted that the market will change completely within the next 2 years".

What has happened the last 2 years? Where do we stand now? You can learn that at the third edition of the Virtual (R)evolution event. This third edition will be organized by Mikrocentrum, together with Fontys and BOM.

Virtual reality (VR) is an area with a lot of potential. A growing interest to know more about this developing technology is seen. Augmented Reality (AR) is an area that lies closely to Virtual Reality. These technologies are getting more mature and already have applications in for example, (high tech) industry, maintenance, healthcare, serious gaming and architecture. But a lot more applications will be possible in the near future! For those already engaged in VR and/or AR, the event will offer an opportunity to become familiar with the full scope of its developments, to help develop synergies and linkages and to plan future involvement. For those not yet engaged, it is a chance to see where you might fit in to participate in the exciting world of VR and AR.

Combination of:

  • lecture program
  • exhibition
  • demonstrations

Be a part of it and get inspired!

For more information please contact Saskia Baeten,, 040-2969922.

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